Are you frustrated with low conversion from cold call, what other option you have to generate leads? Why an automated internet campaign should be a good idea for your startup?

As a startup, you will be aiming for extreme growth and are targeting a huge number of customers. An automated internet campaign will make your marketing strategies more efficient. If you go using traditional method like cold call you can get disappointed really fast by the low rate conversion. Usually startup buy a online lead list hoping that list contain some good potential customer their new product or services. The best things a company trying to get international or national wide customer can do is support their marketing by online lead funnel.

Here you have15 benefits of automating your internet campaign:

1- Reduced staffing needs

By employing a proper marketing automation software, a single employee will be able to do what a 40-member marketing and sales department can do. Once you have automated your lead generation and marketing campaign you will be able to do this with the least of effort. Once you have properly built up your automated marketing software you will be able to send out millions of personalized emails every day without having to lift a finger.

2- Increased efficiency

A startup only has a finite amount of resources to grow the company, thus it is crucial that you be efficient with your limited resources. Using an automated marketing software, you will be able to get more out of the resources allocated for marketing.

3- Increased revenue

When you automate your up-sells, customer follow-ups, and cross-sells you will be able to substantially increase your customer lifetime value. When you have a great lead generation along with this, you will be able to see a tremendous return on your investment. As more and more customers start acquiring your products and services, there will be increased revenue.

4- Improved accountability of marketing and sales

Marketing automation software will be able to properly pinpoint the various bottlenecks of your company. If you generate tons of leads but none of them convert to sales, then the software will immediately provide feedback that the company has to improve their nurturing campaigns. This feedback will ensure that your sales and marketing teams have improved accountability, thus they will be able to improve their efficiency.

5- Higher levels of creativity

When you automate all the mundane and repetitive tasks of your marketing campaign, your staff will be able to focus on creative tasks. This is actually a very important benefit of automation as creative marketing campaigns are key for the success of any startup.

6- Targeting potential customers across multiple channels

One of the best aspects of an automated marketing campaign is that it lets you reach your potential customers in a personalized manner through many different online channels. You will be able to set up programs that let you send your customers text message, tweet, phone call, or email depending on their behavior.

7- Your campaigns will be extremely targeted

Being able to target relevant customers on a massive scale is one of the greatest goals of marketing. If you provide a customer with a product or service that is relevant to them, they are more likely to purchase it. While manually personalizing your advertisement for each and every customer is not possible, automation can do that within a blink of an eye. You will be able to generate a thousand leads using a thousand personalized messages without having to employ an entire warehouse of employees.

8- Scheduling posts and campaigns

Automated marketing software enables you to be better organized by scheduling your campaigns and social media posts. While scheduling is an archaic tool, an automated marketing software lets you schedule different campaigns for different sections of your audience based on all the data that you would have gathered over time.

9- Reduced campaign creation time

Automated marketing tools typically have a simple and intuitive drag and drop interface that lets you build landing pages, social media campaigns, and email campaigns without any design and coding knowledge. You will thus be able to create great campaigns in a short amount of time.

10- Better analysis of your campaigns

By using the data, you have collected in your customer relations management system, the automated marketing software will be able to tell you which camping has worked and also what segment of customers each campaign had worked for. This will give you a better understanding of where you must focus your marketing efforts on.

11- You can set up an affiliate program

As a startup, you will need to exponentially grow your customer base. What better way to do that then have your existing customers recruit more customers for you? By setting up an automated program that rewards your customers and customers for their referrals

12- Improved up-sells and cross-sells

Every potential up-sells and cross-sells that your startup misses are potential revenue loss. When you set up an automated marketing software, you will remove the human aspect out of implementing upsells and cross-sells. You will be able to setup personalize upsells and cross-sells and thus significantly increase your revenue over time.

13- Reduced lead conversion time

When you make your sales process more efficient and effective using automated internet campaigns, you will significantly reduce the time that it takes for a potential lead to convert into a client. This will be a significant boost to your revenue.

14- Automated follow-up for leads

The faster you follow up on a lead, the more likely you are to qualify them. When you manually respond to your leads, it can take you many hours to even a day before you get the time to respond. By using automation, you will be able to immediately follow up on any hot lead, whether it is 6 am in the morning or 8 pm at night. Your automation system will be working all around the clock, something that you cannot do. This will lead to a significant increase in your qualification rates.

15- Can avoid cold calls

Cold calls are not the best thing for your brand’s image. Using marketing automation, you will be able to completely make it obsolete. All the data that your marketing department has gained on sales-qualified leads will help you avoid cold calls.


Finally and not less important think is to keep your system updated. Is vital for your company track all sales process from A to Z and keep all everything in a centralized software. A CRM database is incredibly valuable for all companies. However, an un-updated CRM database will decrease your efficiency. By using an automated marketing software, you will be able to automate the capture of information and thus ensure that it is always updated.