Nicolas R.

President & CEO


Talks about: #SalesOptimization #LeadGeneration #Business #Leadership #outsourcing #Success #FindingMyWhys #SoftwareDevelopment #PersonalDevelopment #EntrepreneurToCEO #MobileApp

I am a stubborn optimist who believes that entrepreneurs are the key to success and changing the world. Helping entrepreneurs quickly transform their ideas into reality through leadership, teamwork, and integration of the business processes.

I’ve had the privilege to help outstanding entrepreneurs model strategies that optimize and grow their business at the most profitable levels. Those implementations created a solid foundation for lead follow-up, sales pipeline management and customer retention. As a result, business owners can remove themselves from the day-to-day operations and focus on escalating their organization.

For over 15 years, my passion has been helping businesses to find the path to grow and achieve their full potential by automating their business processes. Nowadays, it is imperative to operate the business with freedom and everything tied to each customer journey step. We all want to turn customers into fans of our brands.

Specialty: Helping people with custom software who have been stuck for more than a year without getting any results with a third-party company and creating solutions for them that work in a short time.

Industries: Banking, Truck Driving Schools, Education, Lawyers, collections, MLM custom software, Sales, Digital Marketing.

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Raysa S.


I am a Computer Engineer with over a decade’s experience working as a database administrator. I have been working with SQL Server since version 2000, doing heavy processing load, applying integration services, DTS, reporting services, and some server administration tasks. Problem-solving, analytical, a focus on details, and a high level of ethics define my professionalism.

Rafael M.

iOS Developer, Cognos Specialist

I am a Computer Engineer, and I’ve been developing software for about 14 years to different platforms: Web, Mobile, Desktop, Business Intelligences. I have mastered many languages like JavaScript, C#, VB.Net, Python, Swift, ABAP, SQL. I have been creating solutions for many industries: Manufacture, Credit Scoring, Banking and others.

I have experience in building UI tests, mainly for iOS/Swift application. I have also tested many kinds of apps, and troubleshooting is one of my strengths.

I am passionate about delivering a good product that makes sense for our clients and helping them to reach their goals. Having an open and good communication with the customer is the key to our customer’s project success and long-term relationship.

Gabriel M.


I am a Microsoft application developer with more than 8 years of experience implementing and developing different applications, specializing in Microsoft CRM, GP, AX, NAV.

I have multiple Microsoft certifications like MCP, MS, MCTS, MCDS. During my years of experience, I have led the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics in eight Dominican public institutions and three private institutions, which gave me a wide knowledge about the tool and its correct implementation, maintenance and development. I have also worked with tools like Microsoft SQL Server, ASP.Net Web-Forms and MVC, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, C#, VBA, VB.Net and others.

Eyaelkys Mejia


I am a professional software engineer with a Master in Software Engineering, oriented and well-seasoned in IT Project Management with 15+ years of experience. Focused on providing excellent service, efficiency and outstanding quality in projects implementation meeting the time frame and agreed with the client.
In working in IT environment I have had the opportunity to lead multi-skilled teams with software developers where we have successfully gone from the brainstorming phase to production phase guaranteeing the quality of the deliverable. Is these projects I have worked with waterfall methodology and scrum methodology.
Our clients appreciate the service-oriented mindset and communication skills available to accomplish the projects objectives and fulfill the requirements.
It is important to put the accumulated knowledge and experience at the service of the client through PladePorts.

Atul Kumar Sharma


I am a computer engineer with over 15 years of experience dedicated in developing enterprise level applications. I am a Microsoft Certified Developer (MCTS) since version 2.0 Framework. I have over 11 years’ experience managing SQL Server for high-performance applications.
I works on full product development from getting detailed requirement from client, understanding the business requirements, designing the database schema, coding and delivering it to the clients satisfaction. As a team leader I have good experience of handling a bunch of resources to their full potentials and converts it into a team that works as a single unit to achieve a goal.


Computer Systems Engineer

I am a computer systems engineer with more than 16 years of experience dedicated to the development of business-level applications “Telecommunications”.
In my years of experience has worked with several languages: JAVA / C # .NET / PHP / Python / Perl / JavaScript / Shell Script.
Using Oracle / SQL Server / Mysql / PostgreSQL database for high performance applications.
I work the complete system development cycle, from brainstorming, requirements analysis, design, implementation and testing.
I have 10 or more years of experience implementing backend processes: batch, conciliation and migration.

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