What is Outsourcing, Offshore and Why is Becoming so Popular

By definition outsourcing or freelancing are names given to the process of obtaining a good or service from an outside or foreign provider, specifically in place of an internal source. By doing so, the company reduces the cost, the learning curve essentially present by hiring new people, and get unlinked from attached benefits company are obligated by law to their employees. Besides, this kind of provider are usually highly skilled in their field and could potentially provide amazing result in short-time periods in comparison to the process of hiring an internal personnel, teach him/her your internal business rules, etc. This business entity can be a person or a business who may work physically in your workplaces. In other cases, they can work remotely such is the cases of IT Services

Offshore, can be defined as a shore located outside of national boundaries. This term usually is related to foreign banks, corporations, investment or IT companies from overseas. This company offers services at lower cost that local business with a good ratio of quality vs investment.

Now, you may be wondering, what is the benefit of hiring an offshore or outsourcing for your project?

Those are only a few benefits of hiring an expert team of IT professionals to get your project done.

Our team members have more than 15 years in work experiences and over a decade working remotely for many companies, accumulating over 288,000 working hours under this scenario. Sagaracorp is currently located in New Jersey, USA, which may help you to deduct development expenses from taxes!

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