Computer games has always been popular. More and more people play games all over the world. A new kind of games, such as casual games, has become widespread besides console and large games, distributed on CD/DVD. The difference is in the fact that a user can download them freely from the Internet due to their small size and start playing. A small size doesn’t mean that these games are not of of good quality as, for example, games for play stations. They excite gamers. The difference is only in gamers audience. Classic games are intended for so-called hard-core gamers, who are ready to spend long hours playing and perfecting their game-playing skills. They are usually teenagers; however they can be adults as well and vice versa, casual games is intended for people who can play during lunch, a break, after school or work and in their spare time. An increasing amount of adult people enjoy playing these games.

A number of companies producing casual games is increasing constantly. As a rule, it is small companies with small budgets who makes casual games in comparison with companies, producing large games. But in spite of their budgets, they produce high quality casual games, and new interesting ideas can be seen in them. In short, it is simply another market/trend with a life of it’s own.

The Internet is the principal way of distributing casual games. Having downloaded a game and installed it, you can start playing immediately. It’s the “shareware” principle, or “try before buy”. You can check it out before buying and decide if you want it or not. It’s an advantage in comparison with classic games, when one buys a game on a basis of indirect information about it. Purchasing of casual games is simple as well and could be done on-line. After that the user receives fully functional game without any restrictions.

As a rule, dedicated game portals deal with game distribution in the Internet. Developers themselves can distribute their products, but it takes a lot of time and efforts. The smartest way is to entrust it to professionals. Creating a game can be more difficult that what you think, is a composition of many layers as: Graphic designer, User experiences, sounds, animation, physics, math’s, backend coding, database, hardware, etc. Can be simple from user point of view, however, is a hard way to get a good game and this require good budget. Of course, you can start a prototyping game and that after you have a good understanding of each pieces and how fit each other then you can become serious with the budget. In my personal experiences, I that tried before run a gaming studio just dedicated and gaming development is a very stressful process. Of course, someone trying to earn your money will tell you is nothing (until you go in contract with them).


My advices, if you are looking for creating a new game not matter what is the target ask couple questions to the developers or companies:
1- what engine are you using for this? there are couple Unreal, Unity, Construct, Build-Box (these have been tested by me personally) and many others.

2- are you providing the graphic for the game?

3- who would provide the characters design?

4- do you have story writer ?

5- from where are you going to get the sounds and background music?

6- are you selling me a reskinned game (taking existing game and changing titles, couple screen, font-family, colors, replacing the characters, etc. but keeping the code and functionality from the original game).

7- what is the deliver that you would be providing? something there are good developers because they play a lot with the tools to generate games but just for testing. Even thought, they show you a large collection of games developed by them. they don’t have a clue how to publish your game at any store or make it run in your devices.

hope this information become useful in your journey for gaming creation!