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Our Story

Sagara Corp is a multi-national custom software solutions company with headquarters in New Jersey, United States. We specialize in custom software development that spans across various services.


But, the story of our global presence had humble beginnings in the Dominican Republic. It was 2009, and the world was rebuilding itself after a recession. And Sagara Corp was part of this new, more robust, and customer-centric economy.

As we grew from a local custom app development service, we grew into a national company, and then spread our wings to become an international enterprise.

Going Global

Sagara Corp grew from strength to strength and one country to the next. Shortly after setting up office in Dominican Republic, we created resources distributed across Spain, Venezuela, Bolivia, India, Armenia, Vietnam, Croatia, Lithuania, Philippines, Egypt, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bosnia, Greece, Tunisia, Russia, Palestine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

As a global business, we work 24×7, and ensure business continuity for our clients. We are always there to answer and support them.

Secret To Success

Today, as we stand as a full-fledged custom software solutions company in the United States with global operations, we have retained our lightning-fast delivery speed and the personal touch of our products. In fact, we offer the shortest turn-around-time in the custom app development market.

We know that we owe our meteoric rise to our exceptional in-house talent, the pursuit of quality, delivering prompt results, and most importantly, commitment to customer satisfaction.

And these pillars of our success will always stay with the company forever.

Our Mission

Building Superior Software Solutions Tailormade To Answer Your Business Needs

We aim to achieve the mission by offering our customers the best industry talent, a seamless development process, and continued customer support.

Our Vision

To Become A Go-To Brand For Businesses When They Need Software Products And Tools To Grow Their Business

Our expansion stands as a testament to our quality, sincerity, and drive for software development. As we continue to deliver impressive results, we will realize our vision sooner than later.

Our Core Values


Like technology, we move at a swift pace. We offer solutions built on the most popular and latest technologies. We also support and create solutions compatible with client’s pre-existing legacy systems. Sagarais quick to respond to market changes and never shy away from learning, mastering, and building solutions on new technologies.

Team Work

Teamwork is everything at Sagara. The sheer talent on the development team creates a rich environment for information exchange and professional growth. Our team members push each other to do better and develop solutions that reflect their best work.


We are always forthcoming with our clients about what we can deliver and the cost of delivering it. We don’t underdeliver, go beyond agreed budgets or include hidden costs. Our transparent and highly interactive methodology has made us a permanent service provider for most clients.

Commitment to Customers

We always fulfill our every commitment to our customers. We offer them highly customized solutions that work for their unique business, deliver quick results, and support them to realize maximum benefits from our software solutions.

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